We offer a selection of fine ready built longbows
Hungarian Horse Bows £139.95
These are a composite of wood and fibreglass wrapped in leather, they range in draw weights from 40lb – 50lb
Hungarian Horse Bow
Junior Longbow £69.95
These bows are ideal for Children, they are Fibre Glass Backed Maple and will draw to 28”, Draw Weights from 25lb – 30lb
Junior Longbow
Self Nocked Longbow £99.95
These bows are all wood tri-laminate of Ash/Greenheart/Maple, Draw length 28”, Draw Weights from 30lb – 40lb
Self Nocked Longbow
Standard Longbow £195.00
These bows have horn nocks and are Laminates of two woods, Hickory Back with a choice of belly wood, Call to discuss, Draw weights up to 65lb@28”
Target/Roving Longbow
Target/Roving Longbow £245.00
As above but with hardwood core wood such as Purple heart or Greenheart
Standard Longbow
Self Bows £POA
These are made in various woods, Osage, Italian Yew, Hickory, Ash, Draw Weights to 65lb@28”
Italian Yew Self bow
War Bows £POA
High Altitude Italian Yew Warbows made be Celestino Poletti available on request, Draw weights from 75lb – 170lb
War Bow
07711 520484 (Daytime) 01608 654070 (Eve) or Skype stevestratton
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